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Welcome! Every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of October we meet the kids during their lunch recess to run or walk for fun! They do not have to run/walk both days and if they only want to run one lap they can! The kids check in with us by the swings during their lunch recess to get their personalized badge with a QR code. They wear the badge and we scan it each time they complete a lap. Every lap is 1/4 of a mile and 4 laps is 1 mile! After they are done running they turn their badge back into us. We keep track of their laps in a program that we use and can track their progress. We present different color Toe Token awards that can be put on a backpack or their shoes from a chain we provide with their first award. The Toe Token awards represent different miles that have been completed. We will give students the opportunity to participate in elementary "meets" in the fall, where they will be able to run in a 1 mile race with other Worthington elementary schools.

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